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eBid eXchange is a flexible tool for managing Requests for Information (RFIs), Requests for Proposal (RFPs), Reverse Auctions, and Forward Auctions. It is powerful enough for the procurement professional yet simple enough for the casual user. The time has come to move beyond email and spreadsheets to efficiently engage suppliers for sourcing events, analyze supplier responses, and make smart award decisions. With an e-sourcing solution, you can promote competitive bidding among your vendors to drive down costs. Save days or even weeks in the requisition to award cycle to complete the procurement of goods and services.

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Tools for electronic bidding, analysis, and award

Electronic bidding

eBid eXchange is a total bid management solution allowing you to promote competitive bidding among your vendors to drive down prices.

Electronic Bidding

Fast, accurate bid tabulation

eBid eXchange eliminates the need to transcribe pricing data from vendor submitted paper forms or spreadsheets. Online form validation ensures accurate line extensions and bid totals, eliminating math errors in bid submittals and bid tabulations.

Accurate bid tabulation

Supplier response scoring

All of the stakeholders in important procurement decisions can collaborate online in evaluating and scoring supplier responses during a sourcing event.

Supplier response scoring

Efficient bid document distribution

Robust bidders list and document management features streamline distribution of large bid document collections associated with engineering, services and construction procurement.

Efficient bid document distribution

RFI + RFP + RFQ templates

Leverage the flexibility of a single application and standardized templates for managing requests for information, requests for proposal, or requests for quote at any stage of a sourcing event for materials or services.

RFI/RFP/RFQ templates

Sealed bidding

Use sealed bidding functions to ensure an auditable and transparent evaluation and award process.

Sealed bidding

Reverse and forward auction

Use a reverse auction to promote an open competition for your purchases or a forward auction to dispose of excess or salvage items.

Audit trail

Transaction logs provide an audit trail for all messages, document views, and modifications to system records.

Audit trail

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