eBid eXchange Offers New Features

Feb 1, 2009 by Dani Stoehr

Seattle, WA – February 1, 2009 – eBid Systems customers have continued to benefit
from the continuous improvement of the eBid eXchange procurement platform. Because
eBid eXchange is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), customers have immediate access to
system improvements instead of having to be responsible for patching their on-premise
software application.

eBid Systems embarked on an aggressive plan of system improvements beginning in
late 2008. In October 2008, eBid Systems switched over to a new data center housing
a major investment in new servers, load balancing, backup systems, security and
inrusion detection, and operating systems. eBid Systems is now running all system
on the Microsoft 2008 operating system and SQL Server database. eBid Systems cut
over to the new data center with no downtime and achieved major improvements in
security, reliability, and response times.

In addition to the new investments in hosting infrastructure, a number of important
new features have been added to eBid eXchange in the 4th Quarter 2008 and 1st Quarter

  • Addition of optional SMS text message notifications in addition to email and fax
  • Redesign of the supplier user interface to enhance system utilization by novice
  • Providing additional flexiblity in creating views of bidders list information
  • Upgrading the multiple file upload capabilities to support file collections up to
    2 gigabytes in a single upload event

Utilizing the collective feedback of its customers, eBid Systems has been on a fast
track of continuous system improvements.

About eBid Systems – eBid Systems provides supplier management, sourcing and contract
management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to industry and public agencies.

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