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eBid eXchange is a proven platform for sourcing a broad spectrum of procurement requirements for materials, services, and construction.  A diverse client base of more than 200 customers uses eBid eXchange on a daily basis to drive processes for supplier management, sourcing, and contract management.  Our clients reported a 95% approval rate when asked whether they were satisfied or very satisfied with the eBid eXchange system.

After initially attempting develop to a solution ourselves, in 2009 we turned to eBid Systems to centralize our vendor and bid documents using their online platform, eBid eXchange. It revolutionized our department.

Procurement Administrator
Electric Utility

Meet some of our clients

A regional water and sewer agency in Connecticut has been able to meet goals for increased bidder competition, increased procurement staff effficiency, and increased participation of diverse suppliers.


Utilities – Water

JM Coull is a leading Northeast general contractor that uses eBid eXchange to manage subcontractor bid notifications and bid document distribution.


A multi-billion dollar tar sands extraction project in Canada with hundreds of engineering and construction projects per year benefits from a streamlined sourcing process.

Oil and Gas

A statewide, 14-campus university system facilitates de-centralized sourcing from a shared supplier database to encourage a high level of vendor competition.

Higher Education

A facilities and property management company with geographically diverse real estate can readily access a database of qualified contractors and efficiently source required materials and services.

Real Estate and Facilities


The largest wind energy producer in North America uses eBid eXchange for supplier pre-qualification, supplier performance assessment, and sourcing.




As a producer of 2,000 MW of hyroelectric power, the utility is able to mange supplier relationships, bidding, and supplier contracts.


Utilities – Electric

A large North American copper mine is able to pre-qualify suppliers and contractors to ensure that they meet licensing, certification, safety, financial, and insurance requirements.


In addition to vendor registration and bid distribution, Sound Transit uses their system to manage vendor contracts and compile required DBE compliance reports to the DOT.


Over 300 public agencies and their engineering partners routinely post public bidding opportunities and manage electronic bidding for various public projects.




eBid eXchange allows this construction management firm to efficiently publicize project requirements and bid documents to maximize competition.


One of the largest homebuilders in the U.S. has created an efficient process for tracking contractors across all trades and efficiently receiving and analyzing bids.


This school district is able to competitively bid a range of requirements, including materials, services, and construction.

School Districts – K12

The City has used the eBid eXchange system to manage vendor registration and centralize its public works procurement across all departments.



Municipal Government

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